Hear what others have to say about our preschool program.

"Thank you for a wonderful year! We are very much looking forward to preschool next year. It is a great reflection upon the school, class, and teachers, when your child loves to get up and come to school every day!"

Kristen Mattlage, 3 year old daughter

"We feel very blessed to have had children in Ms. Maria and Ms. Christy's classroom. They are wonderful teachers. My children have a great love for school because of all the great experiences they have had in the 4's classroom. Thank you!"

Angie Israel, 4 year old son

"My daughter benefited from it (Bible and Music). She is always singing songs and makes us pray now before any meal. She even prays for the dogs before they eat."

Madison Corroto, 3 year old daughter

"Sami had the BEST experience!! We love both of her teachers. She asks to go to school. Not only did they teach her valuable lessons (academic and personal) but have instilled a love for school."

Katie Miller, 2 year old daughter

"I love that the students get to take a music and Bible class regularly! You can never start too early! What a blessing Acworth UMC Preschool has been this year! Emily loves going to school!! I look forward to next fall!"

Sharon Williams, 3 year old daughter

"It's awesome! Harper is learning so much through Bible and Music class. Ms. Jenny and Ms. Amanda have been wonderful in supporting Harper and nurturing her through academics, social skills, and her spiritual walk. We are blessed to have had Harper at Acworth UMC Preschool. Thank you so much!"

Megan and Matt White, 4 year old daughter

"Holden greatly enjoyed both music and Bible. He would love to sing songs and prayers he learned when he came home. This was Holden's first Year at Acworth UMC and we absolutely loved the preschool program! We are looking forward to another year at AUMC!"

Jennifer Guthrie, son in toddler class

"We really appreciate that our child is exposed to these classes (Bible and music) at a young age and makes for a well-rounded education. We LOVE Acworth UMC Preschool and we are going to miss it so much! This program has been such a blessing for our daughter.

Michelle Strickland, 5 year old daughter